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The annual Pacific Northwest Shoot-up Tour is a multi-leg indoor archery tournament held primarily in Oregon, Washington and Idaho during the winter months.

Archers must shoot a Vegas 300 qualifying round during each leg of the tour to continue. Multiple shooting times are sometimes offered to archers based on the size of the hosting venue. Scores are posted from top-to-bottom after the completion of qualification rounds and shooters are then divided into equal flights with no more than 14 shooters per flight.

The shoot-up rounds will determine the winners of each leg. The shoot-up is a one-on-one elimination series consisting of two ends on a Vegas target, with an arrow for arrow shoot-off to break any ties. The shooter with the lowest score in each flight will shoot against the person with the next highest score and so on. The Shoot-up will continue until all places in each flight are established and cash prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of each stage to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers in each flight. All flights with exception to the championship flight, will be paid equally with the payouts determined by a percentage formula. An amount will also be withheld from the each flight to enhance the prize pool for the Grand Final shoot-up.

Archers are required to shoot in at least three stage events in order to qualify for the grand final shoot-up, which will be held at Chinook Archers on Jan 25, 2014. The qualification scores from each of the three legs are totaled and used to determine ranking and flights for the final shoot-up.  The archers three highest qualification scores will be used in the final shoot-up if they have competed in more than three events.

  • 2014 – 15 Tour Dates

    Nov 08 - Archery World, Vancouver, WA
    Nov 09 - Great Northwest Archery, Puyallup, WA
    Nov 15 - Cascadian Bowmen, Noti, OR
    Nov 16 - M2 Outdoor Sports, Lebanon, OR
    Nov 22 - Wilderness Archery, Bow, WA
    Nov 22 - Cascade Outdoor Sports, Klamath Falls, OR
    Nov 23 - Silver Arrow Archers, Mt Vernon, WA
    Nov 29 - Competitive Edge, Bend, OR
    Nov 30 - Alpine Archery, LaGrande, OR
    Dec 07 - Rock Creek Archery, Enumclaw, WA
    Dec 13 - Cascadian Bowmen, Noti, OR
    Dec 14 - M2 Outdoor Sports, Lebanon, OR
    Dec 20 - Competitive Edge, Bend, OR
    Dec 21 - Bow Tech - Unconfirmed, Eugene, OR
    Dec 27 - Silver Arrow Archers, Mt Vernon, WA
    Dec 28 - The Nock Point, Mountlake Terrace, WA
    Jan 04 - Lucky Shot, Chehalis, WA
    Jan 10 - Southern Oregon Archery, Central Point, OR
    Jan 10 - Alpine Archery, LaGrande, OR
    Jan 11 - Competitive Edge, Bend, OR
    Jan 17 - Archery World, Vancouver, WA
    Jan 18 - Broken Arrow Archery, Milwaukie, OR
    Jan 24 - Shoot Up Final - Cascadian Bowmen, Noti, OR
    Jan 25 - Shoot Up Final - Cascadian Bowmen, Noti, OR

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